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About Us

The Northside Community Police Center, located within the City of Syracuse, provides public safety services to the residents and businesses who reside in this neighborhood.

Our storefront is a walk-in facility available to the public who may need our services, whether to file a report or obtain information. The Center is staffed with one full-time police officer, James Clarke, and volunteers who help administer the Center’s community policing programs.

As one of several facilities located city-wide that are within the Community Policing Division of the City of Syracuse Police Department, we deliver services that meet specific needs within the City’s neighborhoods.

In addition to the department's resources, we deliver a variety of programs that involve several thousand children, teens and adults in positive activities throughout the year. These events are supported by a network of volunteers and donors who provide a substantial portion of the resources required to make them possible.

To learn more about the people and programs of the Northside Community Police Center contact us.

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