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Bicycle Registration

Bicycle Wheel

By ordinance, the City of Syracuse requires that all bicycles be registered.

When you register your bike with us, a record is kept on file that may be helpful in locating it should it be stolen.

Registering your bicycle is a simple process. We can take care of it all at the Northside Community Police Center. Here's what we'll do:


First, a three part form (LC134-5-585) must be completed with the assistance of a Police Officer. This includes information that identifies both the owner and the bike.

One of the most important items to note is the serial number.


Bicycle Form

Once the form is complete, the Officer will issue you a license (sticker) with a unique number that identifies your bicycle as being registered.


This service is available at no charge.

To register your bicycle, come into the Police Center. Our address and directions are available below.




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