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Filing a Police Report

We are available to assist you in situations like these:

Lost or Stolen License Plate

A Police Officer must complete a "Report of Lost or Stolen License or Registration Items" (Form MV-78B) for you. Proof of Identity and your Insurance Card is required.

Then, send or bring the form with your application for a new license or registration item to the DMV.  For details, visit the NYS DMV Web site.

Vandalism/Criminal Mischief

When someone has damaged or vandalized your property, such as your vehicle, you may want to file a Police Report. We recommend that you do.

Lost or Stolen Plate

Lost or stolen cell phone or handbag

Any known facts, such as the location where the loss or theft took place, the date and time, and description of the item (make/model/serial number), along with your personal identification information are needed. Then, contact us to have an Officer complete a Police Report for you.

Cell Phone



To expedite the process

Have this information with you:

  • Your Driver's License or Photo ID
  • A Brief Description of the Problem
  • The Date it occurred, approximate time, and location, if known
  • If property is involved, gather any identifying information, if available (e.g., make, model, serial number, photo, etc.).
File a Report

Then give us a call or stop in.

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